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Category: Blog

Guide to Writing Lesson Plans

10 Steps To Developing A Quality Lesson Plan: This guide is not meant to be the one and only way to develop a lesson plan. It is a general overview that highlights the key points of creating a lesson plan. Below is a list of the steps involved in developing a lesson plan as well […]

Hour of Code

HOUR of CODE The Hour of Code is a global movement in over 180 countries and is an introduction to coding for students. Anyone can learn the basics of computer science. In one hour, you can spark coding interest in your students with one-hour lesson plans, tutorials, interactive projects, and games. The Hour of Code […]

Wakelet Ambassador Super Humans

The Humans Are Coming! Wakelet is the best social bookmarking and content creation tool for educators, and it’s an awesome resource when educators share their collections with each other. I’m sharing my collection of National Geographic for Educators links because I think it’s an amazing  resource. Are you interested in become a National Geographic Certified […]

Don’t Get Upset – Dominance Behavior

Author and speaker Brooks Gibbs explains bullying in the most simplistic terms: Dominance behavior. He provides a simple solution to bullying as well: Don’t get upset. For more info about Dominance Behavior, see interview with school psychologist Izzy Kalman at this link: http://tinyurl.com/DominanceBehavior

Digital Citizenship

Online Safety Resources Technology, when used responsibly, can be a powerful resource that can unlock entire worlds. It’s important to teach kids how to navigate the internet responsibly. It’s also crucial to set expectations around how much screen time is appropriate each day, when screens are okay and what activities are appropriate to engage in […]

SDAIE Physical Education

Physical Education is divided into seven standards and three areas: Movement skills and movement knowledge Self-image and personal development Social development   Standard 7: The interrelationship between history/culture, games, sports, play and dance. ELLs can share what they know about their own cultures’ games, sports, play and dance. Teachers can build their curriculum from their […]

SDAIE Visual and Performing Arts

The Visual and Performing Arts are often used to help ELLs illustrate their understanding of concepts in various disciplines. This can include expressions of their environments through the Arts, including in their native language.

SDAIE Science

Use the connections between science inquiry and SDAIE. Science classes are inquiry classrooms. Learner-centered environments in Science are key to ELLs because it’s where teachers build new learning on knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs that students bring to the classroom. Four areas of Science Language: vocabulary, syntax, semantics and discourse. Science discovery: hypothesis, data, ideas and […]

CUE #DitchSummit Wellness Advocate

I’ve earned my CUE #DitchSummit Wellness Advocate Micro-Credential and Open Digital Badge! If you hurry, you can too. Every year Matt Miller host the Ditch Summit for Educators and its worth spending time with believe me. This year he’s focused on Wellness topics for Educators. If you want to sign-up, you’d better hurry over to […]


Math should be explored more deeply rather than more quickly. Students can learn in heterogeneous groups  if structures are developed to provide appropriate, differentiated support of a range of students. Math issues for ELLs: vocabulary, skills, syntax, semantics and discourse features. Content: Clustering Objectives Clustering objectives help older ELLs catch up to their classmates. Older […]


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