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Educational Links

This page is a mash-up of educational links that I collect.





Lower Grades












Language Arts

HM ELA Support

Roy the Zebra



Johnnie’s Math Page

HM Math Support





Web Weather for Kids

Kids Planet

Monterey Bay Aquarium

HM Science Support

Discovery Kids


Social Studies:

CNN Student News

50 States.com


Typing Sites:

Typing Club

Dance Mat Typing



Educational Resources


Have you seen these multiplication videos?

0 2 3 4 5  6 7  8 9  11 12

My Teacher Resources


Help Ticket

Request Coaching From Miss Marina – tech TOSA

Schedule Your Class for the Dream Lab

District Resources

AR Resources


Nutrition for Students

Healthy Eating Milk Mix Up Moomory Market Match
Healthy Eating Milky Mix-Up Moomory Market Match
Fruit and Veggie Match Fruitris Dinig Decisions Hurdle
Fruit & Veggie Match Fruitris Dining Decisions
BAM – CDC & Prevention
“I Heard” Hurdle Race
BAM – CDC & Prevention
Race For Health Arriana and Marcus Connect
Nutrition Quiz Game Rainforest Frenzy Connect 3

Nutrition for Kids
Shopping List Game
My Plate

Nutrition for Teachers!

Students must be healthy to learn…
but they also need to learn to be healthy.

We encourage and support health and nutrition education in the classroom. Teaching nutrition to students will help them to grow and learn to their fullest potential and we believe it is the key to promoting lifelong health and wellness. Nutrition Education establishes the basic skills for making healthy eating and lifestyle choices that will carry them into adulthood.

Our school’s breakfast and lunch programs help students to establish the healthy eating habits that they need to grow, learn and play. School lunches contain 1/3 of the recommended daily nutrient allowance and school meals include nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and calcium rich low fat milk.

Nutrition Glossary


Nutrition Resource Materials for the Classroom

Guide to Good Eating Nutrition Glossary image
Mind and Body – 50 activities for the Elementary Classroom
Tips for Teachers – Physical Activity

Super Crew!

Lesson plans by SuperKids Nutrition Founder, Registered Dietitian, and Creator of the Super Crew®, Melissa Halas-Liang, MA RD CDE


Activities for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Picture to Letter Matching Andy’s Super Foods! Penny’s Speed Race
Grades 1-2 Grades 3-4 Grades 5-6 Grades 7-8
Consonant Super Food Crack the Code – Math Vegetables Logic Puzzle Vegetables Quiz
Fill in Missing Consonants Food Group Word Search Fruit Salad Logic Puzzle Nutrition Label Comparison
Abracadabra! Matching Super Foods A – Z Estimation Activity
Food Label Sugar Mystery


10 Tips

SuperKids MyPlate Lesson

MyPlate 10 Tips Nutrition Education Series

SuperKids MyPlate Lesson Plan Choose My Plate Healthy Eating For Vegetarians
SuperKids MyPlate PP Lesson Add More Vegetables Smart Shopping
SuperKids My Plate Activity Sheet Liven Up Your Meals
SuperKids Teacher Directed Activities Cards Make Half Your Grains Whole Kid Friendly Veggies And Fruits
SuperKids MyPlate Serving Size Cards Got Your Dairy Today Be A Healthy Role model
SuperKids MyPlate Portion Size Card Protein Foods Cut Back On Sweet Treats
Build A Healthy Meal Salt And Sodium

Raisin Lesson Plan


Power Point Nutrition Lessons

Learn to Read a Nutrition Label

Integrating Nutrition and Fitness into Curriculum Click on the “Label Guy” icon and download a complete lesson from the USDA on how to read a Nutrition Label, includes fun animations and interactive quiz questions. Label Man
Learning about Trans Fat
5 a Day the Color Way with Fruits and Veggies
Learning about Whole Grains
Learning about Disease Prevention


Focus On Girl’s Health

Girl’s Health Focus – Calcium Calcium and Bone Health Worksheet
Girl’s Health Focus – Iron Iron Health Worksheet
Girl’s Health Focus – Get Active Get Active Worksheet

Activity Sheets

“Learn about Fruits”


Teacher Resource Center

Teacher icon

Activity Sheets

“Learn about Veggies”

Learn about Veggies



All Subjects on Your Level
 (Room Name)


Student Grades 
KidRex.Org This is a Safe Search Site
Kiddle.co  Safe Search Site

Alabama Virtual Library Great for Research Projects
A.R. Bookfind Don’t know if a book is on your level or how many points it’s worth, check here
Big Universe Read stories online Username: Student login email/computer, Password: Student password; Group Code MCPSS
Biology Fun Thank you to Peyton for suggesting this site!
CNN Student News Watch today’s headline around the world
Charts, Tables, & Graphs
Cool Math Games Practice Math Skills
Discovery Education This is United Streaming. You can watch videos and look up information for reserach
Edmodo – Online Community
FunBrain Read books online for free, play games, practice math while having fun
Khan Academy (Provides online videos and practice of all math topics)
Kids Discover (create a student account or login with username sdillard@mcpss.com, password collier)
Legends of Learning
MobyMax online practice for reading and math
VideoPopplet Create presentations using videos and pictures
Pottermore Learn all about Harry Potter
PowToon This site allows you to create a “how to” video with no sound
Prezi Turn boring Power Points into cool Prezi presentations
Quizizz  Join a game
Quizizz.com Create a game
ReadWriteThink Extra skill practice
Science Careers Sciencebuddies
Time for Kids Learn more about articles & watch videos. Oh yeah, there is a homework helper on this site!
TimeGlider Create an interactive timeline
Timez Attack Practice those multiplication facts while working your way through a castle and battling fact monsters.
Videolicious Take a picture of a your favorite books and tell the class a summary of it.
Visual Dictionary –Visual Thesaurus For when a baby word won’t do. Find a bigger and better word here.
Virtual Math Manipulatives Select Grade 4 then choose manipulative
VR Field Trips – The world’s largest collection of VR photos
Voki Create an avatar and use your voice to explain your project.
Wyville Create an avatar and join your friends in a virtual amusement park.
xtramath – Learn your Multiplication Fact Now!

Math Apps

Why would I use other math apps? You might consider using another math app if you need an extra learning center, or if your students are restless and need a new challenge from time to time.  You might consider using a supplemental math app as a reward or as an activity for your early finishers to do.

Zearn – Learning with Zearn helps math make sense. Students explore math through pictures, visual models, and real-life examples. Free for teachers, always. Help Support.

Boddle – Boost math engagement and close learning gaps with the most interactive 3D math game. Tackle learning loss and help your kids catch up and excel in K-6 math with Boddle’s adaptive learning platform!

Legends of Learning – Over 2,000 fun, curriculum-aligned, math and science games created to engage students and assist teachers using hybrid learning, blended learning & distance learning models

Sumdog – Engage your students with adaptive learning and multiplayer games aligned to the key standards for ages 5 to 14. Proven to accelerate progress. Try for free.

Prodigy – Make math learning fun and effective with Prodigy Math Game. All in-game educational content is free.

eSpark – Get engaging small group resources for math and reading. It’s leveled for your students. K-8 teachers sign up free. There’s a free and paid version.

Mathigon – This is a cool website filled with neat and unexpected ways to explore math.

Cool Math – Only use as a reward. Because it’s not academically based, I would consider this as an ultimate reward for students who have done great work. Use this one sparingly!