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Hi, I’m Bobbie Grennier, and welcome to my website where I share my passion for quality educational projects, and lessons that engage students and are enjoyable to teach.

I began my journey inย educational technology when I purchased one of the first Apple computers to come off the production line; model number one. I still have it as a reminder of how amazing this journey has been.

I began my career in education over 35 years ago, before the beginning of the Internet was ever a thing. I taught public school for ten years and then, I moved into Technology where I experienced the gambit of the Silicon Valley tech explosion and what a fantastic learning platform it was. Today I am older, and I’ve returned to my first love of teaching in the classroom where I can implement my technical background and make a difference in young lives and hopefully a few older ones too.

I have been immersed in the evolution of technology as a teacher ever since the Internet went public. I have a strong belief that we need to teach students how to use technology effectively as a tool to enhance their learning and their future.

My teaching products are perfect for all elementary grade levels and I love, love, love Project-Based Learning. While teachers do not need to be experts in technology to use my products, a little knowledge and a willingness to experiment will go a long way. Plus, you’d be surprised how resourceful and helpful your students are these days when it comes to technology.

Google Certified Trainer

I am a Google Certified Trainer.

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