Classcraft behavior management

Classcraft behavior management system is the ideal educational development system to engage our students in active role play while promoting scholastic achievement in exciting and engaging ways.

It is well worth the time it takes to develop an understanding for the system and plug it into your curriculum. Students will want to engage and will be more productive as a result of their interactions with the game(s).

The teacher is the Gamemaster, pictured above as the spiritual blue flamed being with glasses. The games offer the teacher a variety of rewards and consequences for student actions throughout the school year.

Classcraft student game page

Students chose their characters from three options: Mage, Healer or Warrior. They will play as that character for the entire school year. These three characters must work together as teams in order to be successful. Teams compete against each other, but the main emphasis is on collaboration to accomplish goals set by the Gamemaster.

Learn the basics of Classcraft by watching the video below.

Classcraft video

Now that you have a better understanding of how powerful Classcraft is for classroom management, let’s explore what Quests are.

Quests are how you plug Classcraft into your assignments. It doesn’t have to be every assignment. You don’t have to incorporate every activity into a Quest, but you will want to develop some assignments around a quest because that’s what makes the game seem so real to the students.

Use the rewards and consequences system throughout the day, but only use the Quest system for select assignments. You get the effect you want, and it simplifies the set-up time to keep this system going.

Plus Classcraft has now developed Story Mode for teachers which will give you a monthly template to plug your lessons into. Story mode is complete with gorgeous illustrations and riveting animated videos in monthly installments as part of a larger, ongoing narrative all school year long.

Use as much as you want or as little, but Classcraft is a power tool for classroom behavioral management and well worth the time it takes to plug into. Students will be engaged and asking for more.

I’m sharing my Classcraft Intro slideshow with you. I present this slideshow to my students the first week of school and introduce them to the world of Classcraft. You’ll have to make yourself a copy and then, you will need to change the last slide to reflect your name instead of mine. I wanted a detailed, but easy to understand way to introduce my students to Classcraft, so I made this slideshow. Let me know what you think.

Classcraft student engagement and collaboration