Virtual Reality

Simulated computer-generated image or environment that can be interacted with by the user. Headsets or goggles make the VR experience more immersive.



Augmented Reality

Computer-generated three-dimensional image placed in the real world environment to be interacted with using an overlay of digital information.



Mixed Reality

A blend of computer-generated images and the real world environment, coexisting with the ability for interaction and immersion.



Device options:

m – mobile devices like smartphones and iPads

w – web-based app or website

c – computer application

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Merge Cubes – Hold the solar system in your hand with Galactic Explorer and explore the human body with Mr. Body (both are available in Self Service). Check with your DLC to get a class set of Merge Cubes.

YouTube 360 videos – Search YouTube for 360 videos. There are TONS! Check with your DLC to see if they have Google Cardboard or other VR headsets you can use.

Google Expeditions – Explore distant places in 360. Take your students on guided tours that have lots of cool locations and information.

Metaverse – Create an augmented reality scavenger hunt for your students or have them create their own using Metaverse. Works with phones or iPads.

SVRF – Find amazing 360/VR videos that your students can view on their computers, phones, iPads, or using a VR headset. You can also insert these videos in Metaverse experiences.