Behavioral Management & Environment

I work very hard to make sure that the environment in my classroom is comfortable and positive. I have high expectations and I am consistent. I prefer positive reinforcement, but also know that sometimes negative reinforcement is necessary when students make poor choices. My goal is to provide students with an environment that encourages them to want to do their very best!

Classroom Management System

Classroom Management is based on a system of behavioral classroom management that works! It encourages student involvement every step of the way and students love it. It’s very rare when I have to refer a student out of my classroom to the office because the students in my classroom have learned to be self-regulating and are supported by their peers to do so.


We do learning centers almost daily and frequently use hands-on manipulatives.  When students are owning and engaged in their learning amazing things happen!  I realize that all students learn differently and at different speeds, but the end goal is always for students to master the concepts – even if everyone gets there a little differently.

Project-Based Learning

I am a big fan of PBL. It incorporates differentiated learning in the classroom in a very successful and engaging manner. Students learn best when working on real world projects and problems, and that learning is  only heightened when STEM activities are added.

Computer-Based Learning

To me, Computer-Based Learning (CBL) is Project-Based Learning on steroids. I mix the world of technological possibilities with PBL and pure magic happens!