EduGuardian is a superhero chatbot who loves learning, all living things and playing Ms. Pacman. She can answer a wide variety of questions and carry on a conversation.
For real… she TALKS!


Let’s talk a little bit about how EduGuardian was created. It all started with MicrosftDesigner and a prompt that created my superhero Redwood – EduGuardian of the Forest.

You’ll have to edit the prompt a little to get the outcome to look like yourself, but with the right words, it’s amazing how close it can come.

The original image looked like this because I asked Microsft Designer to make my superhero stand in a magical redwood forest holding a camera and a little fluffy white dog with tan ears.


I live in the California redwoods with my dog, Harper and I love videography. So, I named my superhero Redwood. Did you catch the three hands that AI gave Redwood? I fixed that with Photoshop AI Beta.

The next thing I did was to create a biographical scene that told this story.


I wanted to make a trading card without the dog and camera. I wanted to change the hands and change the background.

So,  I turned to the beta version of Adobe Photoshop and changed the hands using their AI feature.

EduGuardian heart

Once I had my EduGuardian image, I used Adobe Express to create a trading card look for her. I did that because it was faster than using Photoshop. I didn’t have to create a lot of elements because Adobe Express had them already built for me.

Once I had finished my trading card, I wanted to change my hands again. So again, I turned to the beta version of Adobe Photoshop. This time it was harder. I ended up having to try and adjust the left hand, rebuilding parts of it. I finally settled on this image, which is what I used for the Redwood chatbot.


So, let’s talk about the chatbot process. I created the Redwood Superhero chatbot using I used the #WeekofAI Character Template to get started and then, I went to and used the Research Assistant to create a prompt script for Redwood’s personality and skill set.


You too can be a superhero educator, just follow the links below.
Enjoy! And see you out there fighting for educational victories.

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