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Category: Blog

An Overview of GSuite for Education

Resource Doc for GSuite for Education Subscribe to the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast for even more information. App Tutorial on how to use in the classroom Google Docs 🚀Video Tutorial ✅Google Docs – Resource Links  – Kasey Bell ✅Google Docs – Resource Links – Eric Curts Google Slides 🚀Video Tutorial – Creating Interactive Slides 🚀 […]

Digital Literacy and Digital Fluency

Five days of digital citizenship in the first five days of school. DAY 1 Collaborate with your students about the topics below. From this collaborative process with the students, make 10-20 points on an acceptable use policy and hang it in the classroom. Each class creates their own Acceptable Use Policy. Kids make one that […]

English Language Learners & Technology

Techquity and Inclusion Techquity: Creating Learning Environments For Sustainability, Equity and Access One of the biggest challenges educators face today is providing students with equitable learning opportunities. We must ensure our students are provided a diverse and equitable educational experience, and how technology serves as critical component while incorporating a culturally relevant and cultural responsive […]


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