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Author: Bobbie

Looking Virtually Forward

Looking Virtually Forward

It’s an interesting time to be a teacher. I can remember in January of 2020 talking to my class of 5th-graders about the global pandemic engulfing our way of life. I already was teaching about wearing masks, how to make masks, and why it would be socially acceptable to wear a mask. I remember the […]

Kamala Harris Cracks Glass Ceiling

Don’t understand why it’s a big deal that Kamala Harris is VP? Until Red box? She would have been enslaved. Until Blue box? She couldn’t vote. Until Yellow box? She had to attend a segregated school. Until Green one? She couldn’t have her own bank account.

Flipped Classroom – Flipped Learning

PVUSD Virtual Academy offers a Flipped Classroom and Flipped Learning Flipped Classrooms The flipped classroom model is all about the apps. A flipped classroom focuses on student learning from an application perspective. It’s is not a traditional approach to learning using textbooks and teacher lectures. Teachers provide the educational parameters of options, and students use […]

GoBubble Resources

WAYS TO FASTER SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING Math Monday Tune Tuesday Well-being Wednesday Tricky Trivia Thursday First News Messages of Hope GoBubble for Internet Safe Student Communication GoBubble is a social media tool specifically for kids. It has filters that keep the conversations and images appropriate. It is meant to teach students how to use social […]

Education’s Future that is Now

Technology provides a way for educators to show students a wider range of opportunities and variations on the educational themes, content, and technology used. Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence in education typically focuses on identifying what a student does or doesn’t know, and then subsequently developing personalized curricula for each student. Chatbots Chatbots involve the use […]

Distance Learning Resources

First, here’s my own free contributions to Distance Learning Resources for Educators. Grab what can help you! I’ve been gathering distance learning materials since COVID hit the USA because I knew this day was coming. So, I’d like to share my resources with you and hope it helps.This online document lists Educational Companies Offering Free Resources due […]

Finish the Story

Lost in The Wild, Wild West It was the summer, and my dad wanted to treat me to a vacation like never before.  He decided to take me on a trip to the wild, wild west. We took a plane to Albuquerque, a big city in the state of New Mexico.  We reached Albuquerque in […]

Lewis and Clark Expedition

The Lewis and Clark Expedition (The Corps of Discovery) History level: Middle Materials Required: textbook, read-aloud books, VCR, video, US map, colored pencils and paper, learning log journal Activity Time: 4 days Concepts Taught: reading comprehension, mapping, constructing a timeline, writing U.S. History: The Lewis and Clark Expedition (The Corps of Discovery) Lesson Objectives Learning objectives, […]

American Revolution

The American Revolution, Was It Worth It? As 5th graders studying the American Revolution, this webquest will give you a chance to research key positive and negative effects the Revolutionary War had on Americans. By the end of this webquest, you will decide if you would have fought in the war or not had you […]

Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Template Lesson planning is the decision-making that is made before instruction. Planning a lesson is the teacher’s mindful effort to develop a coherent scenario of activities that paves the way for learning by the students. Each lesson plan contains student objectives, background information for the teacher, a list of commonly held alternative ideas, […]


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