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Tag: digital citizenship

GoBubble Resources

WAYS TO FASTER SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING Math Monday Tune Tuesday Well-being Wednesday Tricky Trivia Thursday First News Messages of Hope GoBubble for Internet Safe Student Communication GoBubble is a social media tool specifically for kids. It has filters that keep the conversations and images appropriate. It is meant to teach students how to use social […]

Digital Citizenship

Online Safety Resources Technology, when used responsibly, can be a powerful resource that can unlock entire worlds. It’s important to teach kids how to navigate the internet responsibly. It’s also crucial to set expectations around how much screen time is appropriate each day, when screens are okay and what activities are appropriate to engage in […]

Digital Literacy and Digital Fluency

Five days of digital citizenship in the first five days of school. DAY 1 Collaborate with your students about the topics below. From this collaborative process with the students, make 10-20 points on an acceptable use policy and hang it in the classroom. Each class creates their own Acceptable Use Policy. Kids make one that […]


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