Three-step Interviews

One student interviews another and then the two reverse roles.. They share with each other what they’ve learned.


In a small group, the first student writes a contribution and then passes the paper to the next student. Each contributes in turn. The group discusses their findings.


After the teacher asks a question, students think of response.Students use the interview technique to share answers.


The teacher poses a problem and the students work on solutions individually. Students explain their various solutions in interview or roundtable procedures.

Numbered Heads

Each team member has a number. The teacher asks a question. The teams put their heads together to find the answer and make sure everyone knows it. The teacher calls a number and the student with that number in each team raises their hand.


Each student is in a home team and an expert team. Expert teams work together on specific material different from other expert teams. Students return their home team and share what they have learned.

Adapted from Olsen (1992).