Digital Citizenship

Online Safety Resources Technology, when used responsibly, can be a powerful resource that can unlock entire worlds. It’s important to teach kids how to navigate the internet responsibly. It’s also crucial to set expectations around […]

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SDAIE Physical Education

Physical Education is divided into seven standards and three areas: Movement skills and movement knowledge Self-image and personal development Social development   Standard 7: The interrelationship between history/culture, games, sports, play and dance. ELLs can […]

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SDAIE Science

Use the connections between science inquiry and SDAIE. Science classes are inquiry classrooms. Learner-centered environments in Science are key to ELLs because it’s where teachers build new learning on knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs that students […]

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Math should be explored more deeply rather than more quickly. Students can learn in heterogeneous groups  if structures are developed to provide appropriate, differentiated support of a range of students. Math issues for ELLs: vocabulary, […]

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