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Google Keep is a note taking application that lets you to capture your thoughts in different formats like audio, text and images. You can use it to create to do-lists, add reminders to your notes, and copy notes to Google docs. From Google Keep Help, here they are:

1- Create a text note

    • Click on ‘Take a note’
    • Give a title to your note
    • Type in your note
    • Click on Done

2- Create a photo note

    • Click on image icon in the ‘Take a note’ bar
    • Select an image from your computer
    • Give your note a title and add text
    • Click ‘Done’

3- Create an audio note

    • This option is only available for Keep on Android and iOS
    • On your iPad open the Keep app
    • At the bottom right, touch the new recording icon
    • Speak your note
    • To edit the spoken text, touch the text above the audio file
    • To save your note, touch the back arrow at the top left

4- Create a list

    • Click on ’New list’ icon in the ‘Take a note’ bar
    • Type in your list item
    • To add more items to the list click on ‘List item’
    • Click Done to save your list.

5-  Change colour of a note or a list

    • Open a note or list or just hover your mouse over it
    • Click on Change color icon
    • Choose from the colours there and click Done to save it

6- Copy Keep notes to Google Docs

    • To copy a note into a Google Doc:
    • ‘Hover over the note you want to add and click the More icon .
    • Select Copy to Google Doc.

7- Set reminders for your notes

    • To add reminders to your notes:
    • click or hover over a note
    • Select ‘Remind me’ icon
    • Choose from the options available there

8-  Organize notes by label

    • To add a label to a note:
    • Hover over your note
    • Click on the More icon
    • Select ‘Add label’

9- To share a note with others:

    • Click on the share icon
    • Type in the email addresses and click Save
    • To unshare a note,Open a note
    • Select the icons of any people you want to unshare with, or select the Share icon
    • Select the Remove icon
    • Select Save

10- Archive notes and lists

    • Archiving allows you to move your notes and lists from the main screen of your Keep into archive where you can find them later.
    • To archive a note, select it then click on the Archive icon
    • To see archived notes, click on the menu icon archive.