Personal Teaching Philosophy

A great teacher shows students how to be responsible, respectful, caring, hard working and find their lane in this world. In creating the best educational environment for my students, I get the privilege of teaching them both life lessons and academic lessons.

I am often the first to arrive and the last to leave the building. Sadly, I realize that for some of my students school is their safest home. I go to great lengths making sure our classroom is a positive, healthy learning environment.

I never say no to an opportunity to help in the betterment of my school.  Sometimes that means working extra hours, or finding ways to help improve current systems.

I take a genuine interest in who my students are as people.  If my students are involved in extra curricular activities after school, I make sure to discuss their activities with them on a regular basis.

The greatest heart-felt rewards in teaching come at the most unexpected times, with the most unexpected students.  One of the most rewarding moments came from a boy with a very bad attitude. He hated school, saying the only thing he was good at was getting in trouble.  I assured him he was far more than that. Later, his mom came to school to personally tell me that her son had changed, was getting all A’s, and that she felt I had made a difference by helping him to realize his own worth.

The rewards of teaching are clear. I know what might seem insignificant, can  actually be the spark that ignites within a student – you make a difference. That’s why I teach, to make a difference!

I have high, but achievable, expectations for all of my students. I believe all students should reach for the CORE standards of California.

My teaching style is interactive, engaging, and centered on praise and mutual respect. Computer-based Learning is my jam!

I do not have many behavior issues, but when issues do arise they are dealt with calmly and swiftly.  Parents are involved in my classroom.

My students consider my policies to be reasonably strict, as I am preparing students for today’s educational demands. I teach with a slight sense of humor because learning shouldn’t be dry and boring.

I understand that the skills students are learning are challenging, so I pride myself on creating an atmosphere where students feel comfortable to ask questions without fear of ridicule.

I realize the importance of being a life-long learner. I strive to continue to grow as an educator and human being on this beautiful planet.

Bobbie Grennier
Job Title