Multimedia Text Sets (MMTS) are kind of like HyperDocs, but not. MMTS are set-up for students to experience information and demonstrate what they know through a variety of technological mediums.

MMTS would is an easy way for the teacher to differentiate the curriculum and still stick to CORE standards.

I’ve used MMTS to create a unit of study for my students, and I tell them that they’re in charge of their learning in so far as they get to chose what they want to do first, second, etc. I like them to work in groups of 2-3 students. I use Classroom Relay to monitor all the students at-a-glance all at once. That makes MMTS assignments easy to monitor to make sure students are on task.

I can see that students would get wise to which methods or choices are the easiest to do and would start to take advantage of that. So, I’d gameify my MMTS by giving weight to the more difficult tasks. I’d probably make it a Quest in Classcraft or something like that.