Math Hoops from the Learn Fresh team is one of the most innovative programs I’ve come across to help teachers bridge the learning loss divide that we’ve seen grow in recent years.

If you have students who are 1-3 years behind in their mathematic skills, then Math Hoops might be your answer. Math Hoops focuses on mathematical fluency in a fun and engaging way that students will beg you to participate in. It’s designed to make math learning engaging and fun for students, particularly in elementary and middle schools.

Math Hoops

Let’s look at an overview of the Math Hoops program.

  • Purpose: Math Hoops aims to improve students’ math skills, particularly in the areas of arithmetic and problem-solving, by using the excitement of basketball as a motivator. It combines the love of sports with mathematical concepts to promote learning in a fun and interactive way.
  • Game Format: Math Hoops is typically played as a board game or through a digital platform. Players take turns solving math problems related to basketball, such as scoring points, assists, and rebounds. These problems are designed to align with educational standards and curriculum.
  • Educational Objectives: The program focuses on a range of math skills, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more complex mathematical concepts as students progress. It also encourages critical thinking and strategic planning.
  • Target Audience: Math Hoops is often used in elementary and middle schools, with variations available for different grade levels and skill levels. It can be adapted to suit the specific needs of the classroom.
  • Curriculum Integration: Math Hoops is designed to align with educational standards and can be integrated into existing math curricula. Teachers can use it as a supplemental tool to reinforce math concepts or as a fun way to review material.
  • Community Engagement: Learn Fresh, the organization behind Math Hoops, often partners with schools, community organizations, and professional basketball teams to promote the program. This can include events, tournaments, and workshops aimed at engaging students and promoting math education.
  • Assessment and Tracking: Some versions of Math Hoops come with assessment tools that allow educators to track student progress and identify areas that may need additional attention.
  • Awards and Recognition: The program has received recognition and support from various educational and sports organizations for its innovative approach to teaching math.

Last season, students who completed the NBA Math Hoops program achieved 35% gains in math fluency. Students who did not participate improved by just 24%. And, with 93% of Math Hoops educators reporting that students’ ability to work in teams is improved through participating in the NBA Math Hoops program, it makes a good case for why we should use this program.

You can learn more about Math Hoops on their website and on their YouTube channel. They also have all the lesson plans done for you and ready to implement. There is a $250 fee that gets waived once you complete the coach’s training and sign up for your coaching account.