We love the interaction that takes place between (and within) our community of shareholders, so recently decided to take a new look at the main platform where this takes place. Let the beer do the talking.

The Equity for Punks AGM is a ticketed event for the shareholders and they get snapped up immediately. We’re now rocking ‘10 for 10’ in our UK bars. Craft beer, spirits, cider, merch and more in our online store. our simple mission is to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. The key to Equity for Punks is crowdfunding – a modern phenomenon that has changed financing forever. They can now get their lucky paws on discounts in all BrewDog bars worldwide and on the online shop, as well as first access to new beers and invites to exclusive beery events! Equity Punks are a community of like-minded hop heads who all love great craft beer. If you have shares in this Brewdog crowdfunding initiative, we'd really appreciate your help by answering the questions below. Over 15,000 craft beer crusaders have become Equity Punk investors in BrewDog USA, raising $10M+ in equity crowdfunding. Watch hours of craft beer content on the BrewDog Network. EQUITY FOR PUNKS THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT IS NOW AN EQUITY FOR PUNKS SHAREHOLDER!

Now, crowdfunding has led to the democratisation of investment – anyone can invest in a business they like the look of, or that creates a product or service they enjoy using. equity for punks is the ultimate incarnation of this philosophy.

Published - 13.06.2017 Comments (0) You can invest in Equity For Punks USA here until July 28th, 2017! As an Equity Punk shareholder, the recipient of this certificate owns a part of one of the UK’s fastest growing businesses*. For more information download the official Equity for Punks USA 3 circular! In 2018, BrewDog launched the investment scheme, Equity for Punks, as a way to give average citizens an easy way to buy shares in the company and join the BrewDog community. To Be An Equity Punk; Share This. All BrewDog Punks, We're looking to help a BrewStore friend with a project on crowdfunding, and he's chosen to feature Brewdog Equity for Punks. Find out more about Equity for Punks. Equity for Punks, el corazón de BrewDog. At BrewDog, we are on a mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are; welcoming beer geeks and novices alike along on the journey. La fuerza impulsora tras el increíble crecimiento de la compañía en la última década, aparte de por sus excelentes cervezas, reside en la comunidad de Equity for Punk. Our Equity Punk Forum. For decades shares and portfolios were strictly for the suits. Click here to discover more about investing in BrewDog.

This community is growing every day through word of mouth, as friends suggest it to friends! BrewDog es actualmente propiedad de más de 100.000 personas, los inversores Equity Punk. And you can join that community from as little as £25.

Scottish Sour Ales, courtesy of BrewDog OverWorks. Since its inception, the Equity for Punks scheme has raised over £72.1 million from 114,000 individual shareholders, selling shares at £25 a piece. Welcome to the world's first alcohol-free beer bar.