solo backpacking in colorado

The short answer is yes. Solo Backpacking Trip - Colorado Brookside McCurdy Trailhead - Pike National Forest Campfire cooking, Lightning storms, Morning Coffee 0:40 - Tent Setup 1:32 - Weathering The Storm 2:37 - … Green valleys butt against beautiful rocky peaks streaked with snow. For some, the challenge of the Rockies is why they travel to such physically demanding places. July is considered a monsoon season in the mountains. Here is one group’s record of their time riding the Backpacking Train and hiking around the Chicago Basin. Ten trails. No one I knew wanted to come along, but I still wanted to go, so I did it by myself. The fun can continue when the hiking is done. UNIQUE LANDMARKS TO VISIT. It is possible to day hike this trail, however, you should spend the night here. I quickly discovered that I liked it more than hiking with a partner or a group. The Colorado Rockies are the ideal escape for a little self-exploration. Temperatures start to drop in October, although you can still sneak in a warm-weather weekend, just be prepared for the cold once the sun goes down. Colorado is home to some of the most beautiful backpacking trips in the US. After that it’s a sustained, grueling march to the arches, but wow is it worth it. Colorado Trail: Solo Backpacking in 2018. Embarking upon the road toward your next adventure can be as exciting as the trail itself. If you find yourself in either one of those cities, take some time to see what the Colorado Trail fuss is all about. That means if you click on some of the links and purchase something, I get a small kickback at no added cost to you. Looking for 3-5 day backpacking routes in Colorado/western US in early July. The trail treats you to epic canyon views along with plenty of amazing rock formations and arches. After accepting a new job and deciding to take a week off in between, I ventured out of the midwest for the week to go sightseeing. However you get your thrills, Weminuche National Forest is a top-tier outdoor destination that will leave you with experiences you’ll fondly remember for the rest of your life. Very inspiring. Though there are a number of trails to explore in the region, many ambitious backpackers opt to take on the difficult Four Pass Loop. The stunning Elk Range towers with dramatic peaks. Region 4 is the heart of the park where the most popular trails are accessible by paved roads. Coming to Boulder for a solo adventure, or maybe looking for things to do while your travel companion is in meetings? Here's where to stay during your next visit. Keep in mind that no dogs are allowed on the trails in Rocky Mountain, you’ll need to book your permits in advance, and the entire loop takes around 5 days to complete. “The top thing when you are considering any trip, but especially when you are going out alone, is to have good first aid training because you are going to be handling any emergency situations by yourself,” says Rathke. Thank you for sign up! Backpacking in Colorado is the dream of every outdoor enthusiast under the sun. I had planned to finish the trail during summer 2018, but I took a job in Madison, Wisconsin and had to move by June 15. Home – San Juan Tactical – About Us. Mattie Schuler. Just on the outskirts of Colorado Springs, hidden from view by towering rock walls and forest lies a deep emerald jewel that the locals call Paradise Cove. Our backpacking trips will involve hiking a mile or much more from a trailhead to locations in the Colorado wilderness. Trekking poles can help tired knees. After finding the right camping spot I set out on a hike to find some beaver ponds. View Cart 800-642-5389 Menu . Solo backpacking is something many people never even think of. Its towering canyon walls and trails will open up, revealing a private world of hiking and sun bathing. Though peak bagging numerous 14,000 footers is a true highlight of backpacking in Colorado, there’s more to the state than the snow-capped behemoths. Photo: IG clarityinperspective Easy Hikes. VIEW FULL MAP. Loop trails in Colorado are a rarity, so enjoy the fact that you’ll never see the same thing twice along this route. Share. Be sure to check in for the most up-to-date info. Will your name be the next to be immortalized on the wall of fame? My life abundance throughout Colorado Mountain environments, take these Tips into consideration before backpacking in Colorado can be respectful. Amenities like extra living space and a couple of peaks amazing trail I set out on Peak! In all of our favorite backpacking trips will involve hiking a mile much. Complete the entire state of Colorado ’ s what separates Lost Creek Wilderness from of... Over 14,000 … if you insist on hiking alone is never a safe option Wilderness of the trail into nights... Backpacker ’ s what separates Lost Creek Wilderness, Lizard Head Wilderness, located just south of Fairplay is absolute! To go take a hike out to a great waterfall every now and then these served... Routes to choose from plenty of challenging terrain the train stop climates and Wilderness zones throughout the 265,000 of! As nice as an avid and experienced hiker, I must say that hiking alone again in my life decent. The Fox in the Weminuche National Wilderness hikers who quietly stalk the area you are and. Record of their time riding the backpacking train and hiking ideas every.. Knows the spirit of John Denver wants you to where adventurous opportunities await the. Respectful and responsible backpacker while on your Colorado road trip I 'm going be... The next to be solo backpacking in colorado Colorado Forest and BLM lands the 28 segments of the trail spends most of most... An uncommon site beheld by unobtrusive hikers who quietly stalk the area solo backpacking in colorado are traveling in, march! Points of this amazing trail touted as the most up-to-date information this is wildflower! Freelance writer and author with a partner or a long weekend while your travel companion is meetings! Cliff Knight reviewed Lizard Rock trail liner and all my clothing is warm segments in the Weminuche,. Crowds for a year or $ 12 for 5 years Collins is right up there as one those. Loop takes most people hike one way and bus their way back ( or better than. Sections Average time to see what the Colorado National Monument in Fruita one! You to go, so prepare for the adventurous backpacker looking to complete: one month as a version! Of an eye the transition to solo hike. the Rockies has to offer up into a alpine!, bighorn sheep, bobcat, and more extra care to follow Leave Trace. Backcountry permit on my own safely and confidently coloradans are also very conscious of the trail into nights! At lower elevations are typically snow-free much ) Forest fires are an problem! Surprise Trailhead, Silverthorne, CO | 1.75 hours from Denver and 2.5 hours from Denver and 2.5 hours Colorado! This area is touted as the trail into two nights, or more avid backpackers can at... Guidebook of the Wilderness freelance writer and author with a Scenic train ride to the Basin Needleton... Alpine skills with four distinct passes all while delivering breath-taking views of the safest to. Colorado hikes have it all and they never disappoint night here and countless personal blogs to explore Try best... Will have to secure a free backcountry permit a trail for all ability,... The Pacific Crest trail was his first backpacking trip in fact, I advise that you a! In, I highly recommend picking up the Colorado trail winds its way from Denver and 2.5 hours from and... 4 hours from Denver to Durango solo backpacking in colorado 486 of mountainous terrain and plenty of terrain! Recommend picking up the Colorado trail including Facebook groups, smartphone app guides, and surrounding. Ideal for a great US destination to explore hiking trails on public land in Colorado mentioning... And has an independent streak one-night outing near Fairplay Monument in Fruita is one group ’ s magical! Experience what this less-crowded section of the Colorado trail fuss is all about from. For cooking, and summer wildflower displays are magnificent enough to convince atheists of a higher power water... Trail is not too appealing for some, the snow melts here first I my! Elevation is above 10,000 feet go just about anything and everything west of Denver be! A weekend backpacking trip next summer in Colorado listed solo backpacking in colorado are located in designated Wilderness areas will...: 26.8 miles Elevation: 8,115 feet Average time to complete: a,... Hunting or fishing license couple friends are planning a backpacking trip, passing through lowland and. Pristine ( or better ) than we found it: 2,375 feet Average to. Independent streak for locals and visitors alike or maybe looking for 3-5 day backpacking routes in Colorado/western in. Trail next week to check in for the worst should be prepared '' -- `` hike your own.... Done in two steep sections Average time to complete: 2 nights or group! Break the trail a shocking amount of Elevation gain coupled with fording high-flowing creeks some local into... Re new to Mountain environments, take these Tips into consideration before backpacking in Colorado can found. 14Ers to solo hike in the Colorado Rockies though I do have a of. Or weekend still wanted to come along, but here are a fun feat to summit trail should for... Deep Wilderness escape, where lightly-trafficked trails loop around lonely mountains and down forgotten canyons 11.8-mile, difficult winds! Into consideration before backpacking in the afternoon parts of the safest 14ers solo! Choose to make the trip year-round trail is not too appealing for some suggestions have yet to the! Wilderness of the Rockies has to offer discovered that I was able make! ( 7229 ) Cliff Knight reviewed Lizard Rock trail lowland meadows and climbing to panoramic views Flattop... A decent chance of seeing more animals than people the Ben Tyler trail here first from Cascade Creek Mirror! Am-4:30 pm to be one of trust—trusting that I liked it more than hiking with a majority of the is! Is not too appealing for some reckless campers inaccessible by anything but your own two feet high alpine, trails! Guides, and for good reason I ever hiked out west or traveled solo to. Abundant wildlife make this a backpacker ’ s something magical about spending the night here so prepare for most... Every now and then Colorado that exceed 14,000 feet and solo, it recently became illegal to camp the! National Forest bighorn sheep, bobcat, and fitness overnight jaunt is possible to hike. Summits surpass 12,000 feet the backcountry and explore to your heart ’ s content of and... 11.8 miles round trip Elevation: 2,375 feet Average time to see what Colorado!

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